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Clear-thinking is like a healthy diet. It leads to a sense of well-being. The Happy Centrist is on a quest to find common ground on political issues as well as balance in life.

It is best to rise from life as from a banquet, neither thirsty nor drunken.” Aristotle

  • Trump’s Capitol Riot Blasts Nation
    The colors in the American Flag represent American values: the red symbolizes bravery, the white, purity, and the blue, vigilance. The colonists during The Revolutionary War were brave (red) while fighting against the English. The founders were honest (white) when declaring America’s Independence. The country was vigilant (blue) when defending its citizens’ Freedoms and Rights. The flags that the rioters waved on January 6th blasted the nation when they conveyed opposite values. The red in their flags expressed not bravery, but bravado. The riot itself was pursuing something not honest but dishonest. In terms of protecting people’s rights andContinue reading “Trump’s Capitol Riot Blasts Nation”
  • Support Gun Laws to Protect Rights
    Americans have rights. No one has the right to take away another person’s rights. In some situations, a citizen’s rights may compete with another’s. Two people can fight over the Right of Free Speech for example. During this shouting match, the two citizens have competing rights.  A functional government tries to resolve the problem by satisfying the rights of both parties. The official or lawmaker might require that each person remains in a separate location. With the solution, both parties retain the Right of Free Speech without interfering with the rights of the other. The gun debate is anContinue reading “Support Gun Laws to Protect Rights”
  • Tucker Carlson Slipped Up on Hate Speech
    An action can be wrong and still not a crime. Cheating on a spouse is wrong, but it’s still legal. There are no laws against infidelity – here in New Jersey at least. With hate speech too. Even though it’s wrong, hate speech is legal and protected under the First Amendment Freedom of Speech and Press. Hate speech is wrong. Even though I think that hate speech is wrong, I still respect Nugent and Tucker’s right to express it.  Tucker slipped up last week, accusing journalists of attacking free speech. People can call out hate speech without challenging freeContinue reading “Tucker Carlson Slipped Up on Hate Speech”
  • DeSantis’ Stop Woke Won’t Stop Woke
    Conversations between the Left and Right are a little strained. The Left is still seething at Trump’s ridicule. The Right continues to roll its eyes. The Right says the Left started it with CRT. The Left says the Right neglected to notice the police shooting of Michael Brown. Disney expressed support for the left when it released “Reimagine Tomorrow”, a beefed-up diversity program. In response, DeSantis revoked Disney’s special tax status. In a one-two punch from the Right, he issued the Stop Woke Act. Most people assumed that the measure was just adding to “the woke wars”.  The measureContinue reading “DeSantis’ Stop Woke Won’t Stop Woke”

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